Progressive Hydraulics

Progressive Hydraulics specialise in design, manufacture and installation of simple to complex hydraulic industrial and mobile systems.

With an in-house design team, we provide total solutions to a variety of clients in the energy, wood, plastics, recycling, construction and forestry industries throughout New Zealand and offshore.

We utilise our 3D SolidWorks PDM computer package to test the optimum design and strength, before manufacture in our Top Solid CADCAM machining process and parts procurement.

万邦娱乐注册The Progressive Hydraulics team focuses on safe, robust, reliable and low maintenance systems. Our services range from supply of simple hydraulic fittings, hoses, motors and pumps to bespoke designs incorporating power packs for timber mills and hydro or geothermal power stations. Progressive Hydraulics is an agent for EATON products Aeroquip and Walvoil.

万邦娱乐注册Progressive Hydraulics has a strong commitment to sustainability and lean manufacturing and has been operating a zero waste workplace since 2001.

Examples of more recent design and manufacture projects are:

•    Instantaneous response valves for Manapouri and Ohau B Hydro Power Stations (Finalist in the 2013 Sustainable Business Network award for Renewables Innovation).

•    Te Mihi Geothermal Steamfield and Power Station hydraulic control system design, manufacture and installation.

•    Power packs, servo motors and governors for hydro power stations.

•    BBUG / Transpower 400KV transmission project winch and headboard redesign.

•    400KW containerised mobile power pack for a log deck.

•    BlueScope Steel iron sands dredge cutter drive.

•    Integrated manifold punch block and power packs for steel framed houses.

•    Collapsible, self-loading forestry bin trailer.

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